5 Burners Built-In Gas Cooktop NG/LPG Tempered Glass Countertop Gas Stove 30Inch

Features: This 5 burners gas cooking can help you create various healthy and delicious meals.It also operates simple and offers a high-quality appearance.Eliminate the space between the burners and cooktop to contain spills and boilovers for easy cleaning.For versatile heating options that meet a range of cooking requirements. Specifications: Installation: Built-In Gas Type: LPG/NG Gas Ignition Type: Battery automatic pulse ignition Type: Gas Cooktops Color: Black No. of Gas Burner: 5 Furnace head: Imitation Shabafu aluminum stove head enamel cover, ABCCD# Furnace frame: Cast iron Knob: Bakelite Valve body: iron shaft ordinary valve, without extinguisher Water tray: stainless steel Gas Hob Panel: 7mm tempered glass Pan support: Iron Frame Nozzles: Natural gas nozzle.